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A zip file containing the following: Single html file containing article. Each element should have class="CPW1985" you can embed simple images, audio, video, and pdfs in the article. Total size should not exceed 50MB. See

To write and submit an article the easiest way is to use google docs. Then File -> Download -> Web Page(.html, zipped). Then upload the zip file downloaded. If you want more customization to your article you can download the following template and update it:

Cost Estimates:

  • 2 ADA for the minting service
  • 1 ADA/MB to store you article in our IPFS node for a year. If other people pick up the the article then other nodes with hold the article and it will live on. You can optionally use public ipfs gateways to store it long term.
  • 5 ADA minimum will be returned back to the NFT Article owner. This is to allow publishers a way to avoid spam articles on the blockchain. Recommended is 10 ADA. The address will be the same as the where donation will be sent to.
  • ~ .2 ADA consumed by the cardano network in gas fees.

Example: 5MB zip file. Total ADA to send is 2+5+5 = 12 ADA. 7 of that will be charged for minting, about .2 will be consumed by the network for gas fees, and the remaining ~4.8 will be sent back to the address owner.

Make sure to upload a single zip file containing 1 html file called “article.html”  and any number of photos and videos that are displayed in the article. (If its a google docs file the system will automatically rename the files). Use the normal html img and video tags to specify where they go. If you are not familiar with html please see our example article and template. You can download an example here and modify it for your article: