Article Submission

To submit an article you simply upload in the required format and fill out the necessary fields. Once you submit you will be redirected to a “contract” page. From there you have to fund the contract. Once funded the system will process and mint the article NFT to the block chain. The standard is for the end client to post the NFT owner’s address to take donations.

Cardano Wire Article Submission

There are two ways to create the required zip file

  1. Write your article in google docs then  File -> Download -> Web Page(.html, zipped).
  2.  Download an example template to modify:
    Article Template

Article Format

The system will make the necesarry modifications to the google docs zip file. Otherwise, in general it must confirm to the following rules

  • No CSS or javascript
  • All html elements must have class=”CPW1985″.
    • Example <p class=”CPW1985″ > my text </p>
  • Embedded objects allowed are images, audio, vidio, and pdfs
  • All embedded objects should have their source relative to the article.
    • Example: <img class=”CPW1985″ src=”me.jpg” alt=”Headshot”>
  • Keep formatting as simple and as default as possible. End user might be rendering your article in any type of situation.
    • Basically simple <br /> from one element to the next is best.

Minting Costs

  • 2 ADA for the Pressmint minting service
  • 1 ADA/MB for IPFS storage for 1 year.
  • ~0.2 gas fee for the blockchain minting transaction. This isn’t known until the time of minting.
  • 5 or more ADA (whatever is remaining) is returned with the minted NFT.

The 5 ADA is part of the standard to avoid random spamming of the article key. Each client can specify the minimum floor for spam. The current standard is 5 ADA minimum. The staked ADA must be part of the the same utxo, meaning that you must send the NFT and the ADA to the target address at the same time for the spam ADA.

Zip Archive

The file that is uploaded must be a zip archive that contains the following files:

  • article.html
  • any embedded images
  • any embedded audio or video
  • any embedded pdfs

Meta Data

Article key is 1985. The fields in the meta data are:

name: article name (spaces replaced by _)
tags: <tags entered by user>
sha256: sha256 hash of the zip archive that is uploaded
ipfs: ipfs://<ipfs hash location>,
ext: “.zip”

php sudo code of a complete meta data transaction

$meta = [“1985″=>
“sha256″=>zip sha256_hash,

Article Client


Currently there is a wordpress plugin used to scan the blockchain and pull articles and insert them into the wordpress database. This will soon be an open source git repository of the wordpress plugin.

Cardano Wire